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Haven’t registered? This post is not for you.

The registration form is one function in EHQ that often does not receive enough love from a site administrator until it is a little bit too late. The registration form, or ‘Signup Form‘, is required to be completed┬áby each new participant that wants or needs to register on your site. Ideally the registration form is […]

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Effective metrics for measurement and target setting in online citizen engagement

Target setting and measurement are arguably the most important aspects of any engagement process. If we are unable to properly understand the results, then have we really respected the community’s time and effort contributing to our project? In building the latest version of the EngagementHQ software we not only thought about new tools and ways […]

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A numbers game: measuring your online engagement outcomes

When carrying out a community consultation process of any kind, whether it is online or offline, it is important to be able to capture and analyse community feedback and participation. This data is important in determining a number of things, including the reach and depth of your engagement, the success of your engagement process against […]

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