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Reporting Masterclass

Hi everyone, I’m Karthik. I am one of the techies at Bang The Table. This is my first blog post here and it is about my brush this week with the most significant company on the Internet.

At Bang The Table, we are constantly improving our EngagementHQ platform and services (isn’t everybody!). And one of the core bits of said platform is the reporting module. So when I received an invite a few weeks ago to the Google Analytics Masterclass, I added that to my calendar in about 2 seconds flat.

Blur forward to this Wednesday, I find myself in that most exalted of all office spaces in Australia – The Google Sydney Office. From the parts I saw of it, it looked truly amazing but sadly I didn’t get a chance to explore. I’ll have to go back in there, with a camera in hand next time! At the end of the day’s sessions, we were treated to Google’s fantastic hospitality, which I enjoyed whilst sitting on their balcony on a perfect Autumn afternoon. / CC BY-SA 2.0

Now where was I going with this, ah yes, Google Analytics…

In a nutshell, GA is Google’s website traffic reporting and analysis tool which is the “science” known as Web Analytics. In other words, a reporting tool which is easily added to any website and provides some great statistics on the traffic to that website. And this comes at the very low one-off cost of free.

When I first discovered this tool back in 2006, I was amazed at the ease with which GA gave you access to pretty graphs. Before GA, this usually needed some relatively advanced web skills (and in some instances, $$$) to get a web traffic reporting package setup and working. So it was exciting times, the tool was interactive and you could spend days just playing with it and watching those pretty graphs change.

Fast forward a few years, and as with all things Google, everyone’s using it but… But using it to do what? Nothing very useful it would seem. Here’s what I took away from my afternoon at Google:

The real value in using Google Analytics (and the related Google products such as Website Optimizer, Google Insights, etc) is to find “Actionable Insights” from all that data. If we do not end up with a set of specific actions that we can take to improve our website or business every time we log in to GA, then we may as well not waste the time looking at those reports – they do not tell us anything we don’t already know. I also learnt that GA has recently become a lot more powerful and that it is time to roll up the sleeves and get down to some serious configuration and analysis.

Over the next few weeks and months I hope to explore GA in greater depth. I am sure we will find ways to incorporate those learnings (or even relevant data via their API) to our EngagementHQ reporting module.

Have a great weekend folks.

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