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Presentation to the EIANZ about some philosphical underpinnings of community engagement

EIANZ Presentation – Philosophical Underpinnings of Community Engagement [slideshare id=1906282&doc=eianzpreso-090825192053-phpapp02] View more presentations from BangtheTable. A few weeks ago I was asked to make a short “drinks” presentation to the Victorian chapter of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand. I’m used to giving product demonstrations and presentations on the benefits of online community […]

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Promising Practices in Online Engagement

I wanted to share this paper by the USA’s Public Agenda’s Center for Advances in Public Engagement (CAPE): Promising Practices in Online Engagement by Scott Bittle, Chris Haller and Alison Kadlee. The paper offers a case study strewn analysis of online engagement endeavours around the world and has a wonderful Appendix which steps you through […]

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Web Chatting with the PM

Kevin Rudd took another step into the world of online engagement today with a webchat hosted on the PM Connect site. Generally speaking there is a problem with the Web Chat format because is that it is almost inevitably targeted at an individual (in this case the PM) and an individual can only type so […]

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Headline News

To behold the article below from Lisa Carty in yesterday’s Herald is to be instantly relieved that this nation’s journalists have a handle on the major issues of the day. I have written before in this blog about how, with a few exceptions, the media seem to resist the opening of government through the web […]

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