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Media – all is forgiven!

The media response to my article last night, in which I suggested that there is a more positive story about community engagement to be told, was swift and impressive. I woke up this morning to find an article in the Telegraph (Sydney’s daily tabloid) highlighting the new trend of online engagement. Admitedly this wasn’t the […]

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Media Watch

I’ve just been reading an article posted to the Sydney Morning Herald website today which I have reproduced below. It focuses on the ABC Childcare forum which has been created as part of the company’s efforts to resurect its image after its recent trials and tribulations. It’s worth visiting the site for a look, click […]

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Using Video to Enhance your Online Engagement Strategy

Video is THE single most powerful way to communicate complex information to the public. The advent of YouTube and other video sharing sites along with inexpensive digital video cameras have been game changers in video production and sharing. Videos with production standards that meet the needs of the majority of the community can be produced […]

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I’ve just finished reading a really useful article by Craig Thomler on his blog eGovAU entitled Digital etiquette – are government agencies adequately prepared to engage appropriately online? I won’t reproduce it here but it is the basis of what I want to share and I recommend a visit to eGovAU to read it in […]

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Why (Government) Organisations Should be Engaging their Community Online

Here are eleven pretty good reasons why organisations should be engaging their community online. It is also available as a PDF on our corporate website. Internet Saturation In 1998 only 18% of Australians had the “net” on at home. By 2008 the internet was accessible in between 79% and 84% of Australian homes depending on […]

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Industry Addressing Technology Accessibility for Older People…

I often get asked about how web based community engagement technologies can be managed so that they don’t exclude those members of the community on the other side of the digital divide… older people, socially disadvantaged people, culturally and linguistically diverse group etc. I have written about this issue elsewhere on this blog but thought […]

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