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Red faces in Newcastle

Newcastle City Council recently went online to host selective consultations with their community. Their new online engagement site, which they choose to build themselves rather than using a specialist provider, asked users a series of personal questions (presumably to allow sampling) before allowing access to an area where feedback on issues would be sought. As […]

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Eleven ways to overcome concerns about “internet” accessibility

We are sometimes asked about the “accessibility” of the internet as a legitimate tool for community engagement. The inference being that not everybody has access to the “net”, so is it an equitable technology. The first response is that, in Australia at least – and I would imagine most other countries that are likely to […]

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20 Ways to Promote your Consultation

Letting people know about the opportunity to get involved in your project is critical to the success of any community engagement process. Online community engagement is no different from traditional methods in this respect. Here are 20 ideas to get you started. If you have any others, please tell us so that we can grow […]

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